Thank you for supporting the MHC Foundation Balloon Fest

By your attendance at the MHC Hot Air BalloonFest, you are helping the MHC Healthcare Foundation raise funds for Medical Residence Training Program to help address the national shortage of physicians, family nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. MHC Healthcare is a private non-profit healthcare organization which provides primary (outpatient) healthcare to the residents of Pima County. We are partnering with Northwest Hospital to educate new physicians and help keep them in the Pima County and greater Tucson area. This program will help with the following:

• Address 120,000 physician shortfall across America

• Arizona’s share of the physician shortfall is 1,100 to 1,300 doctors

• Without addressing this issue waiting times to be seen by a doctor will increase to months. Not fun when you are ill.

• Without this, will make healthcare and hospital bills worse for you and your family

• Through your support, you are helping yourself and your family, friends, and neighbors

• Your support will help MHC Healthcare ensure a brighter future for patient healthcare in our state.